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The Most Common Mistakes with Wax Melts

1. Forgetting to Change the Wax in Your Warmer

This is the most common mistake we see. It’s so important to change the wax in your wax warmer when you can no longer smell the fragrance of your wax melts. When you use your wax warmer, the warming dish gets hot enough to make the fragrance evaporate into the air, but doesn’t get quite hot enough to make the wax evaporate.
This means that after some time- you’ll be left with unscented, leftover wax in your warming dish. You’ll need to remove this wax so you can add new wax melts to your warming dish.

2. Using the Wrong Wax Warmer for Your Space 

It’s important to use the correct wax warmer for the space that you want to scent. Space size and scent throw are the two most important factors when choosing a wax warmer.


How large is your space?
Smaller warmers use a smaller heating element and give a lighter scent throw. Likewise, larger warmers use a larger heating element and give a stronger scent throw. As a general rule of thumb, small wax warmers work best in small spaces (bathrooms, offices, bedrooms) and large wax warmers work best in larger spaces (kitchens, living rooms, master suites).


How strong do you prefer your scents?
If you prefer a lighter scent throw, then a small pluggable wax warmer is your best friend. These warmers don’t get as hot as the large warmers, so they give a lighter fragrance throw.
On the other hand, if you prefer a very strong scent throw, then you can use a large wax warmer in a smaller space to achieve this.
If you can no longer smell your wax melts- you may need a different type of warmer.

3. Using the wrong wax melts

Which brand of wax melts are you putting in your warmer? If they’re made with cheap low-quality ingredients, then you may only get 5-8 hours of fragrance per wax melt.
If you use luxury, high-quality wax melts, you should get 20+ hours of scent per wax melt. This means you won’t have to clean your wax warmer as often. Plus, Waxpops only uses vegan + organic ingredients in the wax melts, so you’re not putting any junk into your air.

4. Using an Oil Burner 

Oil burners are made to safely heat oil- they’re not made to melt wax.
Oil burners use a tea-light candle to heat the warming dish. The heat from the tea-light candle causes the essential oils to burn in the air. When you place a wax melt in the warming dish of an oil burner, the candle heats the dish to a very high temperature. This causes the fragrance from your wax melts to burn much more quickly than they’re designed to burn. You will experience a very strong scent throw, followed by a very light scent throw. In short- oil burners ‘burn off’ the fragrance oil immediately and don’t give your wax melts the best longevity.

Instead, we recommend an electric warmer with regulated temperatures.

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