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Top Six Places You Cant Take Regular Ole Candles

1. Apartments/Rental Houses


Most landlords do not allow tenants to burn candles in rented spaces. Open flames are fire hazards, and many people who use scented candles in their homes do not follow proper candle safety etiquette (see link below to read up on burning candles safely). In addition to being a fire hazard, when burnt, many scented candles release chemicals into the air that can be harmful to your lungs (see second link on dangers of scented candles). To avoid any possible hazards from open flames or from toxins released into the air, use electric wax melters. Nothing is burned, and melts made of soy so you don’t have to worry about polluting the air in your home.


#2. Hotel Rooms

Travelling for your job can be exhausting. In what little time you get to relax in your hotel room (that you probably only have for one night), you may want to decompress by lighting some candles with familiar scents that you brought from home. As most hotels don’t allow smoking in their rooms, they don’t allow lighted candles either – they do not want an open flame to possibly be left unattended, nor do they want you setting off the fire alarm. Instead, bring a portable electric wax warmer to plug right into the wall and have your room smelling just like home.


#3. Dorm Rooms

Many college students like to decorate their dorm rooms with candles for both the lighting and the scents. While scents can contribute to making your room special, most colleges do not permit lit candles in their dorms, as the open flame presents a fire hazard. Perfect for this situation is a scented wax melter – enjoy the soothing scents of the wax melts without the risk of an open flame.

#4. The Workplace

The office can be a monotonous and often difficult workplace to enjoy, so many people like to make their corner or cubicle as comfortable, customized, and welcoming as possible. One way to do this is to bring your own scents to your desk, but open-flame candles are typically prohibited by management in office buildings. Get around these rules by using plug-in wax warmers – no flame, but all the wonderful scents to melt away that 2:30 feeling!


#5. Restaurants/Bars

If you are a restaurant owner, you should know that lighting scented candles in your restaurant or bar is illegal without a permit. An open flame in a public gathering place, especially an eating and drinking establishment, presents a legitimate fire hazard. The process of acquiring a permit is relatively easy but there is still a fee. If you’d like your restaurant to smell nice but don’t want to jump through hoops, an easy solution is to use electric wax melters. For more information on using candles in restaurants and bars, check out this law firm’s blog post:


#6. Classrooms

In most public and private elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges, it breaks fire code to use lit candles in the classroom. If you are a teacher who wants fragrances where you spend your entire day, plug in an electric wax melter and enjoy as many scents as you like.


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